Wreck Fishing

Types of Fishing that the Bad Boyz fishing crew offer you.


Amazing Fishing Spots on many sea wrecks in the region.

Angelsey Charter Fishing offer fantastic fishing on many fish wrecks in the region. A fantastic days fishing on Bad Boyz II

Saint Georges channel was once the main shipping area for the western isle thus providing a huge amount of ship wrecks to fish; 20-30 miles on a general day and 25-40 miles on the longer trips and deeper waters. These wrecks around our area are only accessible on tides lower than 30ft due to the strength of our tides.

With Pollack and Coalfish being our main target through most summer month's averaging 3-15lb with larger on occasion, every so often a nice run of Cod will show up on some of the shallower wrecks with most fish being 3-6lb, You will also get the odd ling thrown in for that persevering angler.


A good quality 12-20lb boat rod or a 4-8oz uptider matched with a 7000 sized real loaded with 20lb braid or if you feeling you want that extra fun factor a nice weight spinning rod, a 5000 size fixed spool again with 20lb braid.

The business end alternates for the tides, a flying collar style rig 10oz ball lead around slack water a 4-6ft trace increasing to a 12-14ft once the tides picks up, a quality 4/0-6/0 hook or the general Skerries sandeel / rhubarb & custard sidewinder.

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